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intermittent nature. Functional hamstring to quadriceps strength ratio can plays a significant role to perform these movements. The imbalance of this ratio occurs hamstring muscles injury. Current researchers found the clear connection between functional hamstring to quadriceps strength ratio and the non-contact hamstrings injury of soccer players. Studies have consistently demonstrated that when tested as conventional isokinetic torque, hamstring to quadriceps torque ratios in women do not increase at velocities that approaches those of functional activities, whereas male hamstring to quadriceps torque ratios increase as velocity increases.

04/08/2017 · This study is intended to find more effective and robust clinical diagnostic indices to characterize muscle strength and coordination alternation following anterior cruciate ligament ACL rupture. To evaluate angle-specific moments and hamstring H/quadriceps Q ratios, 46 male subjects with unilateral chronic ACL-rupture. injury to the knee joint and the hamstring muscles in particular is high in rugby players. The dynamic control ratio DCR is important to assess as it gives an indication of the hamstring muscle’s functional capacity relative to the quadriceps muscles and is an important factor in injury prevention. 11/01/2010 · Strength ratios. Women tend to have stronger quadriceps relative to their hamstrings, which may decrease the hamstrings' ability to stabilize the knees. The general recommendation for a healthy hamstring-to-quadricep strength ratio is for the hamstring to be at least 60 percent – and ideally closer to 80 percent – as strong as the quad. Conversely, female athletes who did not go on to ACL injury had decreased quadriceps strength, but not decreased hamstrings strength, compared to matched male athletes. Although the median measurements in quadriceps and ham-stringsstrength,weresimilarinFACLandFCgroups,Figure4 shows that FACL subjects had 15% decreased hamstrings. This means the hamstrings are usually weaker than your quads. The strength imbalance between your hamstrings and quads is partly due to your quads being larger and used more frequently during daily activities; tight quad muscles can also contribute to imbalance. Women typically have lower hamstring and quadriceps strength ratios compared to men.

Called the H/Q ratio and reported to be anywhere from.50 to.75 with a normative value of.60, the strength ratio of this important agonist/antagonist pairing is considered essential to the stability of the knee joint and to prevent ACL and other injuries. It is also sometimes thought to be predictive of those at risk for hamstring strain. As females grow and develop, unlike males, hamstrings peak torque does not increase relative to body weight.3 Decreased H/Q ratios coincide with increased in risk for ACL injury.7 If the decreased hamstrings peak torque associated with maturational development is associated with increased risk of.

Evaluation of muscle function can be helpful in rehabilitation programmes with knee injuries. The purpose of this study was to compare isokinetic strength and H:Q ratio between ACL reconstructed injured group and healthy control group athletes. Twelve elite athletes 6 handball, 6 soccer with a unilateral ACL rupture who had received a. 21/02/2014 · What matters most is the ratio of hamstring strength to that of its antagonist muscle group, the quadriceps. I will refer to this ratio as hamstring:quad. Many people have strong quads that overpower their hamstrings. This imbalance is often the root cause of injury.

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